Fighting games, right? Many people do not understand it and the ones who do are considered crazy by the others but that does not really matter to a person who loves fighting games like me and maybe you. We have all grown up with TV video games and Contra and then we moved over to computers where the game became even better and finally, we have Android which makes gaming on the smartphone possible and to some extent, even primary. In this world where people are mostly on the go most of the time, the smartphone is a person’s lifeline and, therefore, Android games have kind of won over computer games. It is also the reason why Android games are made with such extreme details and features but now they are competing with computer games and the PlayStations. So here is the list of the top 10 fighting games for Android which you might have a look at and even try the ones that you have not already played.

Top 10 Fighting Games for Android:

Marvel Future Fight

download marvel future fight from play store

Marvel Future Fight is one Android game that was launched by Netmarble along with the cinema release of Avengers to make it even more popular. This game is absolutely free for download and use in the Google Play Store and considering the fact that it does not charge any amount of money, the game is actually good to play. The basic premise of the game is to defeat villains using the gang of superheroes that you have. You do not get all the superheroes at the very beginning because that would take the fun out of the game and, therefore, you are stuck with Iron Man, Black Widow, and Captain America in the beginning along with Hawkeye just after you complete the tutorial. You can also unlock other characters and this can be done by spending gems which you can collect or purchase with real world cash to upgrade troops. Biometrics are another resource that players can collect in order to unlock special powers and weapons for specific characters. The animations, the sound, and the gameplay all combine to make this a very feature-rich and enjoyable game and the story is actually not very bad either and keeps you hooked at many levels. 

Download Marvel Super Fight

Mortal Kombat X

The games are arranged on this list in no particular order, so you must not be thinking that as you are going down the games are getting worse. So, the next game on our list is Mortal Kombat X. Developed by Netherrealm Studios, it is one of the best Android games ever while also considering the fact that this is one of the best Android fighting games to have ever graced any smartphone.The details and the features of this game are extremely rich and you might even be a bit surprised with the awesome music and the new age characters. There are also new moves and combat techniques which make the game even more exciting and the way they are graphically portrayed is mindblowing. Going by modern trends, supplemental features that are added for every character complement the game perfectly. The story is not very inspiring and absorbing but I have effectively learnt that the combat experience in the game just makes you overlook the weakness in the story. Download the game directly from this link.

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Shadow Fight

Shadow Fight by Nekki has been a great success although it did not start off very well but its sequel Shadow Fight 2 has scripted a different story of its own because with 5 million downloads in less than 2 weeks it has been one of the most popular games since its inception. Essentially, the game is similar to its previous version with shadows fighting against each other using a range of weapons and varying moves depending on the weapons that the fighters carry. This game is also free to play but has purchasable in-app content. The game actually looks very nice because of the different kinds of backgrounds that the fighters fight in and also the hit detection is very efficient. A problem that has been pestering the players, however, is the fact that the buttons appear to be too small when the game is played on a big screen smartphone. Download the game directly from this link.

WWE Immortals

The game, WWE Immortals gathered a lot of popularity due to the simple fact that it was coming from Mortal Kombat developers Netherrealm. It was something that most people could not fathom in their wildest dreams and the fact that it was happening meant that the game got a huge release. The game exactly looks and feels like Mortal Kombat except that you are battling it out with wrestlers like John Cena and Big Show instead of wielding swords. There are a lot of cool moves in the game and you have to win cards in order to upgrade wrestlers and their equipment. The game is really simply simplistic because all you have to do is fight and win matches and then win tournaments like the normal WWE wrestler life goes. The graphics are quite stunning but considering the fact that the game comes from Mortal Kombat developers, it is but natural. Download the game directly from this link.

Real Boxing

True to the name, Real Boxing is all about getting two individuals in a ring and pummeling the life out of each other. This game which has been released recently by the developer called Vivid Games has a good fan following and quite a large number of downloads. There is obviously not much of a story in the game but the various modes that are on offer make the game quite interesting with a training mode, a career mode, exhibition fights, and create a fighter mode. The gameplay is also quite interesting and moving about the ring while jabbing and hooking the opponent is good fun but the real difficulties begin when you try a multiplayer game which leads to a game crash. There are also bugs that prevent the game from running continuously for a long time. However, if you are of the patient kind and boxing is something that you really love, then this game is good enough to be installed and satisfy your pugilistic pleasures. Download the game directly from this link.

Injustice Gods Among Us

Injustice Gods Among Us is another game that Netherrealm has created deviating from the usual Ninja-fighting Mortal Kombat game. The biggest thing about this developer is, as you already know, is that it creates games that seek to become popular using graphical extremities; we are not complaining, though. This game involves all the superheroes of DC and bundles them together to create a game that has extreme fighting action and heroes with special moves that can make a user break out in applause. The gameplay is also extremely smooth and there are no lags while completing extravagant special moves. The story mode in this game also comes out with a wonderful story in between the battles while there are beginner levels and advanced levels that the user can choose from. Download the game directly from this link.

Fatal Fury Special

Some years have passed but Fatal Fury Special is still a game that is considered by many as one of the best fighting games ever. This one-on-one fighting game is modeled on Street Fighter and Super Street Fighter but comes with a lot of depth and understanding that has been developed from the experiences of the previous versions. There are a lot of characters and also a lot of settings in this version. The controller is a big pain because it is a game that has been released a  few years back and has had no significant releases. The new fighters also come dressed well and the settings are also equally absorbing. The timing of the matches is a surprise that is reserved for the user till the match starts and there is no way to modify that. The story is nearly non-existent but it does not really matter because of the oodles of fight and dueling that you will be undergoing. Download the game directly from this link.

Samurai Showdown II

We have a number of games that have been around for some years but are still popular because of some characteristics that it exhibits. Samurai Showdown II is one such game that was released way back in 2008 but is still considered by Android gamers as one of the best fighting games available. It is not like that you will be bowled by the graphics of the game or the gameplay but this game has that nostalgia associated with it which somehow forces users to reach out for the game. This version has some new players and also comes up with some new moves and combo attacks which make it quite interesting, even for a game that has been released a while back. This game initially costs an amount of money to download but after that, it is completely free. Download the game directly from this link.

Soul Calibur V

Soul Calibur V is one game that does the talking based on its gameplay and visual graphic strength. As soon as you download and install the game and launch It, you will feel that the game has a kind of appeal that manifests itself in the extreme detailing and super graphics that it provides along with some unique game playing features. Being the successor of the previous version, people did expect a lot from it and it can be said that the game has delivered and even to some extent, exceeded expectations. The new moves along with the critical edge system that has been added allow users to easily attack, block, and also dodge opponent attacks. The game sadly has no modes for the user to try and the only available story mode is of 20 chapters. This game costs about $14 to download and play. Download the game directly from this link.

Blood and Glory

 Blood and Glory is the last game on our list and this is for all those gamers who are into medieval battles and gladiator arenas. This game has been likened to Infinity Blade with a Roman setting and it does not really involve a lot of things to keep the hooked to it for a long time. The game involves killing off barbarians so that you can rise through the ranks of Gladiators and win the ultimate battle for your freedom. The gameplay is not over the top and there are the usual swipes and jabs with your sword or whatever weapon you have to kill the Gladiator who is generally bigger than your character. The frenzied attacks are a source of pleasure because you have to indulge in pressing the buttons like a maniac but when you find your opponent on the ground bleeding profusely, you will find some pleasure in it. Download the game directly from this link.

These are some of the best Android fighting games that are available on the Google Play Store currently and there are also some of the top-rated ones and may cost you a few dollars but I can assure you that if you try any of the games from the list you will not be disappointed.

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