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7 Best Google Play Store Alternatives

Think the Google Play Store is not enough for your needs? You may be right and you are certainly not the only one who is feeling so. There are many people like you who think that the installation of apps on Android, from sources other than the Google Play Store, should be made an easier […]

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How to Install Apps From Outside The Google Play Store

Having problems with the Google Play Store? Trust me when I say this, but there are lots of people in the same predicament. There are perfectly working Android smartphones, but when it comes to downloading and installing software from the Google Play Store, there seems to be some hidden problem that refuses to go away. […]

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How to Publish an App on the Google Play Store?

It is common knowledge that app making is a very lucrative business now because of the importance that the Internet holds and coupled with that, the Android’s popularity is also on the rise. Both of these factors have combined to make app developers and app creators a very important part of everyday life because life […]

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