How to Get Paid Android APPs for Free?

We are all little members of the Android community and to satisfy all of our needs, the Google Play Store has been thrown open for developers to create all kinds of apps and publish them so that users can download and install apps according to their needs and purposes. There are two million apps in the Google Play store which has made it the biggest app store across all platforms overtaking Apple’s iTunes store. More than 60% of the apps that are found in the Google Play Store come free of cost, while the rest of the apps are considered to be premium by their developers and, therefore, users have to pay some money in order to get any of them downloaded and installed. Discounts and freebies are loved by all and sundry and you would also be delighted if there was a method to download and use paid app without having to pay a single buck. I have come to delight you and here are some steps that you can follow in order to get premium apps for free.

How to get paid Android apps for free?

Well, as soon as you saw that I will provide you some methods to get paid Android apps for free, you might have been a bit concerned about whether the processes are legal or not. To clear that confusion at the very beginning, I want to state that most of these processes are legal and some might appear borderline illegal but I assure that you will not be committing any serious crime if you follow my methods.

Google Opinion Rewards

  • The best method that I find to get paid apps for free is by completing Google surveys and using the Google Opinion and Rewards If you are not aware of what I am talking about, then let me spell out in details for you. In order to stay ahead of the competition, and also cover even the remotest of places, Google provides some amount of control to its users by conducting surveys on all aspects from its userbase. If you register yourself to complete surveys frequently, then you will be getting some currency in return which you can use in the Google Play Store for purchasing paid content. You can easily answer some questions about your locality or some businesses in your locality, and if you provide the right answers, then Google does help you out in purchasing paid stuff without having to spend a single penny.
  • Google also helps its users out in other ways when it provides paid apps for free during some promotional event. Sometimes, the paid app of the week might be put on display for free but for a limited time and, therefore, you continuously have to monitor the Play Store in order to get it. You can also use third party applications like FreeApp or AppGratis which provide paid apps for free with some limitation which you might be able to live with considering the fact that you are getting a premium app without having to pay anything for it.
  • The last method which is a bit complicated but is actually worth it is the Amazon Underground application method. It generally escapes user attention that the Amazon app store is as good as the Google Play Store. It might not be able to compete with the Google Play Store on volume but the quality is more or less at par. The only thing that is needed to be done is to get the Amazon Underground app downloaded and installed and you will also have to create an Amazon account in order to activate the application.
    The application can be downloaded from reliable sources and, therefore, there is no worry about the application being unstable or harmful but since it is not from the Google Play Store, you will have to enable the unknown sources option so that the application from outside the Google Play Store can be installed without any hitch. You can do this by visiting the security menu from the settings.
  • Another method by which you can get costly Android apps for free is by getting these apps from third-party app markets like Mobogenie, Blackmart, GetApk, and 4shared. These app markets exhibit a great number of apps and not even one will cost you any money.
  • There is one last method that you could use which is by installing a rooting app and rooting your phone. There are many users who do not like rooting and this process cannot be used by them but if your phone is not within warranty, then you can go ahead and root it anyway because rooting frees up your phone and improves phone performance drastically. Most rooting apps are quite versatile and also come with fixes and methods to get paid content for free.

So, there you go with all the viable methods by which you can get paid Android apps for free. You can now try any all of them and thank me later.

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