How to Get Paid APPS from the Google Play Store?

The Google Play Store is the place from where all Android users download apps and it is the primary destination but we also download Android app from other sources in the hope that it might not cost anything but it is a risk to take because you never know what the app developer has put inside the app until and unless you install it. So, if there is a malware in the app, you would never know until it started fishing with your system. The Google Play Store is the official app Marketplace for Android and is a safe place to download apps from. It recently earned the recognition of becoming the biggest app store in the world by crossing the two million apps mark. Of the 2 million applications that are available on the Google Play Store more than 1.5 million apps are free. We all generally need the free apps for the basic necessities of using our phones but sometimes we also have the craving to get a paid app and in that case, a lot of users are deterred because they do not know how to go about the process of paying money to get an app and this is what this post is all about.

How to get paid apps from the Google Play Store?

The process is already very simple and, therefore, you do not have to do anything but follow the steps that are down below to get a paid app installed from the Google Play Store onto your Android device.

  • The obvious first step is that you launch the Google Play Store on your device and search for an app that is paid in the top paid section or if you already have some paid app in mind which you want to get, then get to that app download page.
  • You generally get an install button on most free apps where you click to start the download and installation process but in this case, you will find that a price is written on the green button.
  • Click on that button and a payments page will open up where you have to decide the form of payment that you want in order to pay for the app. You can choose to pay using your debit or credit card, net banking, or via any digital wallet.
  • You need to be signed in to complete the process and once the payment has been made you will find that the app automatically starts downloading on its own.
  • After the download is completed, you can then go ahead and install the app like any other Android app and it will be completed in a moment’s notice.

So, there you go with how you can download and install paid apps from the Google Play Store. All the paid apps are generally premium ones and are worth the money should you want to try one or two of them out.

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