How to Install Apps From Outside The Google Play Store

Having problems with the Google Play Store? Trust me when I say this, but there are lots of people in the same predicament. There are perfectly working Android smartphones, but when it comes to downloading and installing software from the Google Play Store, there seems to be some hidden problem that refuses to go away. In that case, the one thing that automatically comes to mind is getting apps from other sources. Now, there is a problem regarding that which is that the Android Operating System by default is programmed to consider apps from sources outside the Google Play Store as suspicious. Therefore, your phone will suddenly start buzzing with warning notifications, and it may also create obstacles in the path of the app getting installed on your phone. In that case, the only thing that is left to do is to uninstall the current Google Play Store version that you have on your phone in favor of the latest version that is available. There lies your other problem which is that the Google Play Store APK is not available on the Play Store itself. So what do you do now? The best thing to do is follow the steps that are given down below and at the end of it, you will get the Play Store on your phone re-installed again which might make it work better.

How to get the Google Play Store re-installed on your Android device?

  • The first thing that you will have to do is download the Google Play Store APK.
Download the APK
  • The next bit involves your smartphone. You will have to click on the menu option and then select settings. In the next menu that shows up, you will have to click on security. A new menu will appear where you have to click on the option called unknown sources and clicking on it means enabling it. By doing this, you signal to your phone that even though the application to be installed is from an outside developer; you trust its security and stability.

sideloading the apk

  • Now you can go to the destination that the file has been downloaded in and you can click on it to start the installation process. You will encounter a list of permissions at the bottom of which will be the next button. You have to keep clicking on it until it transforms into an install button. You will get a message that says “installing, ” and after that, a notification will arrive signifying that the process has been completed and the application has now installed.
  • You can tap on the notification, and the application will open up. It will immediately ask you to fill in your Google account details or if you want, create a new Google account either of which you will have to choose. Once you are done with that, the Google Play Store will open up, and you can start downloading and installing apps.

Note: Once the whole process is over and you are comfortably downloading and using apps from the Google Play Store, you can switch off the unknown sources option that you had previously activated. This is because it is a security vulnerability that malicious elements on the Internet could abuse.

Now you know how you can we install the Google Play Store so that if it is not working properly, it can be reset. Similarly, if your query is how you can install an app outside the Google Play Store, then you can use the same solution. It might be that you are frustrated with the Google Play Store or there is some new app that you have spotted but it is not available on the Google Play Store. To solve that problem also, you can take help by following the method given above.

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