How to change AOL password? Aol Reset Password

Updating your AOL account password once in a while is a good practice to ensure no kind of hackers or spammers get access to your account in any way. Your AOL password is highly needed to access any kind of AOL service that you have earlier subscribed from any internet-connected device like a smartphone, laptop or personal computer.

The following are the three common circumstances that shall push you towards changing My AOL account password.

Follow the steps to Reset AOL Password-

  • If you have forgotten “My AOL account” password and in a need to retrieve back the account
  • If you have found suspicious hacking or spamming activities happening to your AOL email account
  • If you are looking forward to changing the AOL password for various personal reasons.

Changing the AOL account password through a web browser:

Upcoming is a simple step-wise guide that you need to read and follow as it is to change your AOL account password using a web browser.

  1. First, open up a web browser after connecting your laptop or personal computer to the available Wi-Fi internet connection
  2. Visit
  3. Log in to your AOL account by entering your connected phone number or AOL username and password
  4. Once your AOL has loaded up, click upon your name that can be found on the upper right end of the loaded pages to navigate to the ‘Account Information’ page
  5. From the left panel, select ‘Account Security’
  6. Under the ‘How you sign in’ tab, select ‘Change password’
  7. Now you need to enter down a new password in the ‘New Password’ and ‘Confirm new password’ boxes one after another
  8. If you are unsure about the password that you have typed in, then click upon the ‘Show password’ checkbox to showcase what you have typed as password in the first place
  9. After entering the new password, click upon the ‘Continue’ button

If at all the password looks strong and good, then the password changing steps that you have gone through shall get activated immediately. You will be asked to enter a recovery phone number or recovery email address, which you can either decide to enter or bypass, depending upon your choices.

Changing AOL account password in an iOS running iPhone, iPod or iPad device:

If you have been mostly using your iPad, iPhone or iPod to access your AOL account, then you get the privilege to change the account password exclusively within the app itself.

  1. From your iOS device, open up the AOL app from the home screen
  2. Wait until the app loads up completely, and then click upon the ‘Settings’ symbol that can be found on the bottom right corner of the app window
  3. Under the ‘Support’ section, select ‘Privacy dashboard’
  4. This action shall load up a new window within the app
  5. Scroll through and select ‘Your Account’ tab under ‘Your Products’ section
  6. A new tile shall load down, from which, select ‘Edit Account Info’ to load your personal information tab
  7. Within the ‘Personal Info’ screen, you need to press the three horizontal line type of menu-icon
  8. Choose ‘Account Security’
  9. Tap upon ‘Change Password’
  10. Make a tap on the password field and then type in the new password
  11. You need to enter the password on both the fields and then tap the ‘Continue’ button
  12. In this window, you will be provided with an option to read through your password by selecting the ‘Show Password’ checkbox
  13. A confirmation screen shall load up asking you to enter the recovery email address or a phone number. You can either provide related details or skip this part and click upon the ‘Done’ button to change the AOL account password using the iOS app window itself.

For security reasons, you will be logged out of your AOL account from all the devices that you were using till now to access your AOL account and services it entails to.

Tips on choosing a protective new password:

  • Passwords that are long in terms of character count are difficult to hack when compared to the short passwords. Be sure your new AOL password holds onto a minimum of eight letters.
  • Make use of numerical value or special characters while changing your AOL account password.
  • Find a sentence or word that you can remember any part of the day, and enter it with spaces between words to avoid getting confused while entering the new password.

If you are running an AOL Gold Desktop version then as a premium user you can simply ask support to help you with any problem.

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