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Top 10 Apps not on the GOOGLE Play Store

The Google Play Store┬ámight be the biggest Android application market but it does not have all the apps that fall on a must-have list. This is because Google has a very strict code of ethics and some stringent regulations that app developers have to adhere to, so that their apps may be accepted and exhibited […]

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Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Apps [PAID]

If you are curious about the most downloaded applications on the Google Play Store, then it is not too surprising that the whole list is occupied by the two biggest powers of the Internet right now which is Facebook and Google. Actually, Facebook occupies only 2 spots while the rest all belong to Google and […]

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How to Sign Out from The Google Play Store?

The Google Play Store is Google’s official Android app market where Android users can get in order to run their smartphones. The importance of Android and Internet has parallelly increased and, therefore, the Google Play Store is also one of the most important applications in the world. People also use money to buy applications from […]

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Google Play Store Download Problems and Solution

The Google Play Store might be the most powerful application ever because it runs Android, which is the biggest smartphone operating system right now. But as we all know, it is a fickle mistress when it comes to using it and some time or the other we have all faced problems with it. One day […]

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How to Get Paid Android APPs for Free?

We are all little members of the Android community and to satisfy all of our needs, the Google Play Store has been thrown open for developers to create all kinds of apps and publish them so that users can download and install apps according to their needs and purposes. There are two million apps in […]

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How to Make Money by Creating Android APPs

So, today we are talking about the money that is available to be earned by creating apps and monetizing them. As we have all understood by now, the power of the Internet is infinite and it is going to increase over time. Everybody is looking for newer ways of earning money and creating apps is […]

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