How to Install The Google Play Store on Remix OS for PC?

Ever wondered how a smartphone interface could look on a personal computer? If you have not had that experience and you want to feel and see what it is like then there is a new software called Remix OS which will allow you to do so. It can be imagined that the experience will be an immersive one at the very least because the level of detail that is now attributed to mobile games is surprising and it will also help in making it look the same, only a bigger screening of the same stuff. For some users, however, it is a very big and attractive factor which might convince them to get this operating system. The Remix OS is an operating system for computers which works with Intel and even AMD chips to create and Android runtime environment and thereby, enable Android apps to run on a computer. The developer Jide officially announced and released this software only in January of this year and, therefore, it can be said that it is still in the development stage.

Some features of the Remix OS:

RemixOS Configueration

  • Once you get this installed on your computer or laptop, the first sensation that you will get is that you are working on the same Windows operating system because of the icons that are placed on the desktop and the taskbar at the bottom of the screen which has been designed exactly like Windows offers it.
  • However, once you take a closer look at the screen and the icons that are present you will come to realize that these are icons that you generally encounter on your smartphone menu rather than on your computer. You will find the Google Drive icon, Twitter, Clash of Clans, and even the Google Play Games icon which will make you believe that this is a phone screen on a computer.
  • As I have said, this software was released only in January and is still in the development stage. So, it is but natural that there will be a few bugs and glitches but other than that the interface is really smooth and works good.
  • The biggest thing is you will have a curiosity brewing all the time to see what an app looks like on a bigger screen and whether there is any essential difference that springs out at you.

How to get the Remix OS for your Windows PC or laptop?

  • The first thing that you have to do is get the Remix operating system software and the best place to get it from is from the web page of the developer himself. After the download is completed, you can make your pen drive bootable and then load the operating system into it.
  • Once your pen drive is bootable and ready with the operating system you can plug it into any of your USB slots and start the installation. You have to keep in mind that the computer you are installing the remix operating system on should have a 64-bit processor and legacy boot support without which the software might not work properly.
  • Once the installation begins, it will automatically continue on its own and after the process is completed, your computer will automatically restart and the next time you will have the Remix desktop on your screen. You will find some apps free installed but let me make you aware that you will not get the Google Play Store on it. It is obviously a bit surprising but it has not been included because of the different hardware that the operating system might be installed on and also because it has not been fully developed yet. We will, however, provide you with a method by which you can get the Google Play Store installed on your Remix machine.

How to get the Google Play Store on your Remix operating system?

  • Search on the Internet for the GMSActivator APK file and you can download it from any of the big-name websites that are offering it like Androidpit and XDA developers’ forum.
  • You will have to visit the settings and after clicking on security, you will have to enable the unknown sources option.
  • Now you can safely install the file and after the installation is successfully completed, you can launch it and select the option called install Google services.
  • You just need to reboot your Remix OS and once it restarts, you will find that the Google Play Store is available on the desktop itself.

I want to end this article on a good note and, therefore, I wish to share some good news which is that both Google, as well as, authorities at Remix have both confirmed talks in the future about having a tie-up of some kind so that the Google Play Store and every other Google Play service is automatically pre-installed on the Remix operating system.

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